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Little by Little

God’s timing is often a hard thing for many of us (especially me) to understand; it is easy to allow impatience to confuse us. Yet, His ways are always perfect, and trusting this truth clears the way for His purpose. His word assures us that we are not the first ones to have to wait on His timing, and we most certainly will not be the last. He is always working for our good and His glory. So, the next time we wonder why things aren’t happening right now, or why it seems prayers are going unheard, let us encourage one another to remember His promises. He is able to do exceedingly abundantly more than we could ever think or ask. God knows best how to work the land of our lives. He has already surveyed the path we walk, He knows what lies ahead, He will bring more contentment and joy than our “right nows” could ever bring.


5 responses to “Little by Little”

  1. Hope this is a blessing to someone


  2. Hope this brings encouragement


  3. Very encouraging. And a great reminder to me about patience!!

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    1. The Lord always amazes me with His perfect timing!!


    2. I’m so thankful it encouraged you!!


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