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Quiet Grace

God is forever challenging us to be who He wants us to be. I’m thankful He never gives up (even when we get discouraged.) When dreams get lost, or disappointment and failure crop up, unfortunately, it is easy to grow frustrated. Before we know it, we are in a place of coldness and doubt, and sometimes, even unbelief. I reached that place, and stayed there for many years. I thought God would heal me completely if I could just be a good Christian. I had unwittingly put limitations on my faith. My willingness to accept God’s grace was severely hindered. I lived a defeated life, feeling I could never measure up, nor could I be deserving of God’s blessings. It took me a while to realize the truth is I can’t. I never will. That is exactly why it’s called grace! It is a divinely unmerited favor. There is such freedom in realizing this truth – in believing fully He wants so much goodness for our lives. John 10:10 exclaims He came not only to give us life, but that we might have it more abundantly. His healing for me has come on a different level, and in ways that I can’t explain or comprehend. He has shown me a strength and quiet grace that can only come from Him. So, even though pain, heartache, and moments of frustration come, there is a peace in knowing relief can be found in Christ. His strength is made perfect in our weakness, and His mercies are not limited (or withheld) because of our performance. He is teaching me daily it is not about me at all, but rather, it’s all about Him!

He gives us everything we need. ❤


6 responses to “Quiet Grace”

  1. So true sissy, we have to live my faith and grace. He is our bestest friend he loves us unconditionally.

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  2. Beverly A Brader Avatar
    Beverly A Brader

    Amen, dearest sister!!

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    1. Isn’t it wonderful, this grace upon grace?!?!?


  3. BecomingbeautifulinHIM Avatar

    Love this post! Let’s keep singing His praises…’For of his fulness have all we received, and grace for grace.’

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    1. One of my very favorite scriptures !!! I would love to have you “guest” write for us one day soon!!!

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