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Best-selling Author

wordswag_15496715940671279742152.pngA blank page can either be exciting or frustrating. I know this because as a writer, I have felt both exhilaration and annoyance when trying to communicate my thoughts through the script. Both experiences require a generous supply of patience and grace. I have a passion to share what an amazing friend my Jesus is, so, sometimes I rush through a process meant to take time. Conversely, there are some days I procrastinate sharing what I should because I am unsure of how to say it. Patience. Grace. Both encounters need them. Life is like that too; we need a deep reserve of patience and grace to draw from. Guess what. We have a reserve like that – His name is called Wonderful, Counselor, Jesus. He knows what we face each day – the good and the bad. He daily intercedes for us in prayer with divine patience and grace we cannot fathom. So, on the days when my eagerness is hard to contain, He steers me away from rash decisions and fills me His patient wisdom. And, in those irritating moments when I am disappointed and confused, He has forgiving grace to see me through to a peace that passes all understanding. Life, it’s a blank page of sorts. And, I am ever learning, the Author of mine is a best-seller.


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  1. Keep on writing sissy I enjoy reading your writings.

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