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2018 was a whirlwind. There were days of pure delight, and, days I wondered if I would ever feel settled. It is so easy to second guess myself when life gets messy. So often, I have walked through the door of doubt into rooms of misgivings and confusion. And, if the truth be told, those moments of uncertainty most frequently come when I am forced outside my comfort zone, when the Lord’s plan looks totally different than my vision of the plan. Upon listening to Pastor Michael Todd preach about vision and release, I asked the Lord to whisper where He would have me grow for 2019. I needed a word He wanted me to study – one to implement more into my daily walk with Him. Trust. It wasn’t the word I necessarily wanted, nevertheless, it is an area He said I needed to grow. Trust in His process, trust in His preparation, trust in His provision, simply trust in Him. Steven Furtick asserted this, “Trust takes time,” and I would have to agree. It does take time, it takes a lifetime of trusting in His ways, and in His love, because He is the One who orders all our steps. He knows the end from the beginning, and all the in-between. Lisa Bevere admonished, “Often knowing when you are is more important than where you are.” With every single day of this new year, this becomes more evident to me. To make a move toward Him is sometimes to simply sit still at His feet, listening and learning, right where you are. Trusting He allowed you to be there for a reason.


2 responses to “Trust”

  1. I love the last two sentences of this post T! Way to “show up” 😉 and thanks for being faithful to write about it!!

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    1. So thankful to know His love is everlasting !!! 💗you


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