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Table Full of Goods

A few years ago, I spent a little time in the beautiful country of Laos. One day, while on my daily walk through the market, I saw a sweet girl resting at the end of her ten hour work day. Just an hour before laying her sleepy head upon her table full of goods, she had been smiling (with genuine joy) as she worked alongside her mother. Her two younger siblings had been laughing and playing, so full of life and joy, but they too had settled into quiet. Tonight, just as I did then, I thought about my own walk with the Lord. I thought about how sometimes I am busy working for Him, doing my best to be a smiling little girl working alongside her Father. But then, there are moments like now when I lay my head on His table full of His goods – mercy, truth, grace, love and forgiveness – and I fall fast asleep, peacefully resting, knowing He has me covered.

Photos Taken by Tonya Brown


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