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Mining the Gold

Over the past little bit I have questioned my calling, and, I have wondered if (sometimes) I spend my strength for no purpose. Yet, as I slowly perused the verses of Isaiah 49, I felt an old familiar nudge to sit still, and listen. That’s a difficult task for a girl who is always talking, for a woman whose mind is forever wondering.

Nevertheless, His truth is patient. His correction is compassionate. He reveals what we need, when we need it. There is great comfort to be found in both the chastening and chiseling hands of our Father, the Potter.

Mining the gold in Isaiah 49 brought me back to the right focus – Christ’s glory. He is the One who saves us and calls us to do a work for Him. He shelters us with His protection, and in the shade of His authority, He tests us and sharpens us – to be arrows, hidden in His quiver, used for His honor and praise. His plan is bigger than we can comprehend – with an eternal value. I often forget that. Our reward is always with Him. He’s faithful – rest in that.


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