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A few days ago I read Mark chapter 3, and found the powerful truth of what it means to be chosen, not because of who we are, but because of who He is. Jesus knew all that was within the hearts of those who sought to kill him, and, so, it was safe for me to assume He surely knew all the secret thoughts of the men he chose as His disciples too (among whom stood the doubter, the denier and the double-crosser.)

Think about it for a simple moment. Christ knew all that was and all that was to come, and He still chose them, in all their messiness. He loved them so much He used them for His glory. He loved them so much He died for them. He loved them so much He chose them.

Two days of procrastinating, not being to articulate what it was I had in my heart, has been a tad frustrating. Nevertheless, I will leave you with this thought – He knows all about us too, and He chose to die for us. He chose to call us friends. In all our undoneness, He loved us with omnoscient mercy, He loved us with Calvary.

Amazing love. Amazing grace. Amazing grace. Amazing Choice.


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