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10 Minutes at a Time

Scottish preacher David McIntyre astutely admonished, “The equipment for the inner life of prayer is simple, if not always easily secured. It consists particularly of a quiet place, a quiet hour, and a quiet heart.” I concur the gear of this spiritual discipline is simple. I also agree it is not always procured with ease. This morning, when I awoke at 3:30, I may have had a quiet place and a quiet hour, but my heart was far from quiet. Sometimes, I find I am in a peaceful place but can’t seem to find 10 minutes to be still. There are days I have the hour, but, I struggle to find a serene place to still my heart. So, you see, I understand the quandary of the fighting soul trying to draw closer to the Father in prayer. Nevertheless, the Son of God made prayer a priority – and so should we. His promise is when we seek Him early, we shall find Him. May we bring praise before our petitions, and silence before words, trusting Him to meet us in the surrendered hours, even if they come 10 minutes at a time.


2 responses to “10 Minutes at a Time”

  1. Thanks for sending your devotionals to me Tonya. They usually coincide with what I’ve been thinking/mediating on!

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    1. I’m so thankful they bless you!!!


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