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Drop Your Net

There are times in life when things do not make sense – circumstances can be disheartening, confusing, and seem impossible. So when God calls us to have faith, we might react with doubt instead. It is easy to identify with the disciple’s defeated words, “We have toiled all night, and have taken nothing.” And, as with Peter, Jesus still calls us to have more faith in Him than our experience. Jesus instructed Peter to launch out into the deep and drop the empty nets once again. And even though it made no sense, at Christ’s word, Peter obeyed. The empty nets were not only filled, but gorged to bursting.

Friend, in our darkest moments, the choice to trust Him and drop our nets is the best decision we could ever make. We, like Simon Peter, must let go of our empty nets of defeat and doubt and cast them into the deep of Christ’s victory and limitless possibility – He is waiting to make us fishermen of faith.


2 responses to “Drop Your Net”

  1. Darlene Wilson Avatar
    Darlene Wilson

    I needed this today thank you Lord. Good job writing sissy.

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    1. So glad it was a blessing to you!! ❤


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