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Joy – It’s Not What You Think

About a year and a half ago, the Lord sent a wise woman of God into my life who encouraged me to sit quiet before Him and ask Him this question: “What does Your joy for my life look like, Jesus?” Sitting quietly is not an easy thing for me, especially in prayer. Yet, it is necessary. Listening is key in any healthy communication – especially in prayer. The reward is being able to clearly hear what is being said, even if the things you hear are hard to take in – like, the Cross being the catalyst for Jesus’ joy.

Because of the joy set on the other side of it, He bore the incomprehensible burden of the Cross. He knew His suffering was going to bring us salvation, eternity and an opportunity to live an abundant life. His joy looks vastly different from what I imagine joy to be, it involves servant-minded acts of faith that are often arduous. Joy isn’t about my happiness, it’s about what is set on the other side – true joy keeps an eternal perspective. It has not been easy to implement that wisdom into my daily life and decisions. I pray everyday for strength of soul, courage of heart and steadfast faith to keep trying though.

Having a desire for His way to saturate our mind and ooze out of every corner of our being is a good thing. May we pray for His truth to entertain our thoughts and direct our decisions. And, when we are tempted to go in our own way, may He help us to remember through endurance and obedience blessings are found. Oh that we would keep the vision of the Cross (His joy) in the forefront of our minds! May we be humbled and surrendered unto Him, looking for His version of joy and not our own.


4 responses to “Joy – It’s Not What You Think”

  1. Your take on joy is a blessing to me!

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    1. Bless your heart, I’m thankful for you and your encouragement!!!


  2. Linda Robinson Avatar
    Linda Robinson

    So true. There IS joy in suffering, joy in pain for the journey if such, brings us closer and more dependable to our Saviour who paid it all. Faithfullness strength, endurance, a testimonyto be shared. Can I hear a witness!!! Yes I can!!! Love,compassion,peace. It goes on and on.

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    1. Indeed and amen !!! 😍


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