He Loves Us Still

Our Creator named us – we are His. Our Savior loved us with the Cross, and that is the ultimate gift of grace – we most definitely matter to Him. The way we love Him back could never, in our minds, be sufficient. However, when we are loving Him with all our heart, mind and soul, it is enough. His power is made perfect in our weakness. He can take our puny faith and move mountains with it. He doesn’t expect perfect, He simply wants us – all of our brokenness and belief.

The way we believe and trust this matchless love of His makes a difference in the way we live out our lives. It colors our decisions and influences the way we treat others. I tell my Kindergarteners they are special to God; and, at 6 years old, they get it. Their praise and prayers tell me that. Each day the first praise they always have is this: “God knows everybody’s name, and He knows it all.” A simple, yet profound, truth is found in the heart of a child – God knows it all, and loves us still.

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