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Fortitude and Grace

As I read Joshua’s story, I am always encouraged by the Lord’s admonishment and promises. If we observe His word, live in His ways, and surrender to His will, His promise is to always lead us and deliver us from the enemy. Why we lack courage to do that which the Lord calls us to do has nothing to do with Him, but everything to do with our own skewed perspectives. When I find my boldness to proclaim Him difficult to muster, it’s only because I’m foolishly forgetting my assurance rests not in my goodness, but always (and only) in His righteousness! He is faithful to do what He has promised. And, when we are faithful to lift up Him up, He is even more faithful to do the rest. Placing our expectations in the Savior is where hope is found and courage is produced.

As His children, we have the promise of His unrelenting love. But, as observant and faithful servants to His word, we have the promise He will go with us wherever we go. Walking with Him has the earnest capability to bring all the fervor and freedom it takes to do His will with fortitude and grace.

In Christ Alone


2 responses to “Fortitude and Grace”

  1. Darlene Wilson Avatar
    Darlene Wilson

    He will always be there for us if we only will let him and trust him. Keep his word in our hearts and his Commandments. Worship him and pray to him. I really don’t know how people stay out of church, that is my comfort and He is my comforter.

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    1. He is a constant source of help ❤


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