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We are called to lovingly speak His certitudes into the lives of those we love. However, there are situations in which it can be hard to speak that said truth. Some are so difficult that no matter how kindly you present them, they inevitably seem like harsh admonishments. Nonetheless, we perform a disservice to another soul-friend when we avoid the tougher conversations by glossing over them with flattering words. When we do, we set a trap for the one we flatter (and for ourselves.) The delicate thing is to find the godly balance. Finding friends who will speak the truth of God into our life with love and tenderness is priceless (and necessary) in spiritual and personal growth. The ones who direct us to seek the Lord’s word, and leave us changed for the better, are gold for the soul. To feel no judgment in their words, yet find the convicting power of the Holy Spirit ushered in through their caring exhortation, is precious.
I am by no means saying those conversations are always easy, I simply desire to encourage you to remember God is in them – and, we need them. It might sting at first, but His truth promises to be the balm for our soul needed to soothe the growing pains. His Word says wisdom from above is pure, gentle, peaceable, full of mercy and good fruits; not prejudice and always approachable. I pray to be the kind of friend who is found encouraging those around me in a Christ-centered way, for I know how I depend on those in my life who are this to me. They are invaluable. Ironclad friendships are not always a comfortable thing; nevertheless, when covered by the grace of Calvary, and infused with Resurrection mercy, it can be deeply soul-healing – and ultimately, life-changing.


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  1. Beverly A Brader Avatar
    Beverly A Brader

    Such a precious truth!!

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    1. I’m thankful I have friends like you!


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