He’s Just That Good

When the pslamist wrote, “For thou hast delivered my soul from death,” I have to believe he knew a little something about defeat – and, victory. I surmise this is why he finished the verse with confidence in God’s power to deliver and enable him. He knew where his strength and help resided. And, with certain faith, he clung to the truth of God’s character. He had seen the Father bring him through greater battles than the current fight he was facing. His heart found no better solution than trusting in the One who had proven to be faithful, again and again.

It is true, some days sneak up on a person, and before we know it, emotions overwhelm us. Our eyes spill tears our souls can’t bottle up any longer. Those days are trying; and, often, too many of them strung together, can be unbelievably discouraging. Nevertheless, looking to the One who understands tears in a Garden of Gestamane kind of way, trusting in the One who is holds Ressurection power, is a must. He delights in us; His merciful love is to rescue the struggling soul, always. So, on those onery, tear-stained days, remember, the Lord is your strength and portion forever – He’s just that good!


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