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The List

Everyday I have the beautiful gift of being a Kindergarten teacher to some amazing kids. Daily, God uses them to teach me more than I could ever learn without them. Therefore, it was no surprise to me when one such lesson came during snack and story time. After reading the last page of one their selections, I asked them to tell me what they would say to Jesus if He were to visit them. Their answers were pure and, well, beautiful.

With Christ placing great importance on having a child-like faith, why is it we often are bent on making it complicated? Since Jesus admonishes our faith is to be like that of a child, it is safe to assume He is more concerned with its genuineness than size. Today, this truth found its way into real life, via my boys and their list. A list which inspired me, and challenged me. It made me think about things I’d like to say if He came to visit me too. I pray I would say,

“Thank you for creating me, thanks for birthdays (they’re fun.) Thank you for giving us reason to celebrate Christmas (and Easter.) Oh, and thanks for putting the sunshine out (it feels warm on my face!) I like you, Jesus (I’m glad you like me too!) I love you so much (I’d like to stay with you!)”

Yes. Yes. Yes! Give me that type of faith – the humble, honest and sincere kind. It’s Kingdom building, mountain moving, and soul-changing. And, it makes the best lists!!


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