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Expectant Hope

Upon hearing Mary’s news the tomb was empty, Peter and John hurried to see if it was true. Nevertheless, after finding Christ was indeed no longer in the grave, they returned home. But not Mary Magdalene, she stayed behind. Why? Could it have been because of her own personal experience with Jesus’ tender grace? Or, perhaps it was the way His heart had oozed forgiveness, prevailing over the enemy of her soul. Her hope and faith trumped her grief in those silent moments at the Savior’s tomb. Mary Magdalene’s story was one of freedom, one of victory. A believer can see why, against all odds, she remained – optimistic she may still see (and serve) her Lord. Through tears, she stooped down, once more to peek inside the abandoned tomb. Everyone else had deemed it a dark place of defeat, yet Mary must have believed differently. And, even though she may not have recognized Him at first, when He called her by name, she knew His mercy had found her again. How sweet His voice must have sounded to her broken heart.

Jesus could have chosen to appear to anyone else first. Yet lovingly, He found Mary – broken, humble, sanguine Mary. There are a plethora of opinions as to the why He chose her; nevertheless, His Word vows when we seek Him early He will be found. Mary was there early, seeking Him with her whole heart. And, well, He always keeps His promises.

Mary Magdalene’s story reveals the glory of His grace and redemption – from demons to deliverance, from tomb to triumph, and from brokenness to beauty – hope filled all the spaces in between.

In all truth, there have been more than a few times which required more patience, humility, and faith than I could muster up. In the dark moments of life, it is easy to walk away like Peter and John did that day. But, what if we will would look for Christ amidst the grief? Should we, like Mary, bend down with expectant hope of Christ to show up and call out our name, we too will find living hope – expect it!


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