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I Surrender

It never fails when I sit still before the Holy Spirit, truly seeking a word from my Father, He always delivers. But often, those exacting conversations challenge me to be a doer of His Word, and not simply hear them. He calls for my obedience to do as He has asked. He beckons me to trust Him, even when I’m hurting, scared and unsure of His direction. He has promised a humble and surrendered heart is guaranteed His ample grace. Yet, in my flesh, I forget.

Obedience. Trust. Surrender.
When facing the winds of change, walking the tightrope of the unknown, these words become a challenge to implement into our lives. However, when blended together, they create a way of life sure to yield spiritual fruit, and the Father’s favor.

Author-speaker, Stormie Omartian challenges her readers with an exhortation echoing the Gospel’s truth, “[The] attitude of surrender means putting God first and submitting to His rulership. It makes all the difference in our lives…Jesus is Lord whether we declare it or not.” Paul admonishes in Romans 14, should we live, let us live for Christ, and should we die, let us die for Christ. Either way, we are His. To know we are His can bring the struggling soul great comfort. To focus on Christ, and His steadfast love, ushers in calmness beyond human comprehension. The right focus has great power to help us succumb to His will with more ease.

Oh that we would remain in His ways, obediently surrendered to His will – whatever it may look like. If only we could make obedient trust and humble surrender our goal, and not a last resort, His promise is to plant and not pluck us, to build and not tear down, to give us power over the enemy, and bring us into His good for our lives.


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