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I adore the precious way the Lord teaches my heart to be still and simply enjoy life. Today, while traveling with family, He stirred my soul with one such lesson. We had made one wrong turn which took us about 10 minutes out of our way. At this point, we had a choice – to be irritated at the inconvience, or, accept the invitation to grace.

Detour. Such a tiny word with immense potential to bring either good or bad. When given over to the Father, a detour can be used to grow us and bless us.

As we drove through the tiny town of Carlise, Pennsylvania, a bit of peace crept into my morning. This quaint city’s historical buildings and fun storefront displays make a person want to leisurely stroll through the town. Main street’s foliage bloomed with hues of purple, red, white, and green. It was a beautiful 10 minutes full of goodness. Life is much like this morning’s adventure. Our paths wind and roll us through detour after detour. But, if we could learn to see God in all of our moments, we would surely find, detours can hold the sweetest blessings.


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