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Jesus Loves Us, This I Know

Calvary’s mercy and resurrection grace are concepts a person often struggles with – they seem too good to be true. We question, “Is it really possible for someone to love me beyond my failures, beyond my weaknesses, beyond all my faults? Why would God leave all of Heaven, and forsake His throne to die for me – especially knowing who I truly am?”

We sometimes view His divine love from humanity’s viewpoint – and, perspective changes things.

We have all felt the disappointment of another’s failure to love us unconditionally, and, the heaviness of unmet expectations. But, Jesus was the friend who laid down His life for a friend, He sticks closer than a brother. He understands us in ways we may never comprehend, and loves us all the more. That kind of love penetrates the shallowness of humanity’s version of love and spurs us to love Him, others and ourselves in a deeper, more eternity-driven way. Truly, He is the way, the truth and the Life, and so much more than we can know. Sweet soul, from Good Friday to Resurrection morning and beyond eternity, trust you can rest in His love. No matter what. Jesus loves us, this I know!


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