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Symphony of Praise

Often I am much like Elijah and David, subject to moodiness when life seems to overwhelm. Nevertheless, my Father has such compassionate ways, remembering I am but dust. He knows how prone I am to scatter all about when the wind blows even a little. I believe this is why He makes His mercies new each and every day – He knows our infinite need of them! Certainly, the past few weeks have been no exception to this truth. So, this morning as I watched a Louis Giglio video clip for devotions, I was both amazed and convicted. I witnessed the stars’ percussion and string sections perform a praise concert with the whales, and instantly, my droopy heart was encouraged – and challenged.

Unlike man, the universe does not possess the indwelling presence of God’s breath within it, yet, all of its substance bellows a bold chorus of praise declaring His glory. God’s children have even more reason than the cosmos to be full of reverent, bold praise. Yet, we often come up short of where we truly should be.

The psalmist had no way of actually hearing these magnificent symphonies of praise as we do, yet, by faith, he believed all creation could sing praise, and insisted they do so! And should we truly rejoice in our Maker, believing He delights in us with unfailing love and enduring mercy, we would find ourselves filled with faith too. To fix our gaze on Christ and not our circumstance, being more prone to worship than wander, and much more fixed on praise than pouting, would bring about laudatory attitudes toward our Savior. And honestly, we were made to worship Him. We thrive when we do.


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