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Copy. Paste. Gone.

For a few weeks, I hadn’t written much, simply because I had been flailing and whining my way through a crazy tempest. My irrational mind and deceiving heart often cause me to drown in the deep sea of forgetfulness. I grow fixated on my own plan, my vision of what life is supposed to look like. It then becomes easy to lose sight of the many ways the Father has blessed me. And, in His perfect (and often challenging) way, He reminds me to slow down, and start all over at the beginning. So, it was no surprise when, after thirty minutes of struggling to type my thoughts out, all my writing disappeared.

Copy. Paste. Done. Easy concept, right?

Well, however easy it may be, one should be careful when attempting to perform the edits. Otherwise, she may lose all her work. And yes, the she is me. Those thirty minutes worth of labored thoughts vanished.

However, maybe, just maybe, losing it all is what it takes to gain a little perspective – at least this has been the case with me on my journey.

Learning how to navigate through a storm is often more about taking shelter than standing in the rain dancing like no one’s watching.

So, I put my typing gadets away, and sat with my Bible open. I was drawn over and over to verses and passages He had been giving me for over a year and a half. And, with each stroke of my pen to the paper, His promises etched deeper into my soul.

I love how He uses His Word to protect me, lead me, move me, calm me and, my oh my, how He uses it to remind I am His and He is mine.

He redirected my scattered mind and war-torn spirit back to the basics – behave justly, love mercy and walk humbly with your God.

Remain steadfast in service to Christ.

Stay obedient to His ways.

I believe it was Pastor Paul Sheppard who said that we are only responsible for our obedience, not the result – that’s God’s job. I am thankful His mercy and grace are endless and that His plans for us are good. And, I’m thankful those plans sometimes include ‘copy, paste, gone.’ Those moments illuminate our desperate need for a Savior who is always a refuge of grace, and quite honestly, a fantastic editor.


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