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Let it Go

It appears to me I can take a long time in learning – even the simplest things. I am thankful my Father is a patient teacher. Lately (and by lately, I mean the past 8 years) there has been a common theme to these lessons – stop being a hoarder. Cease being an hoarder of negativity and fears and a packrat of past successes and defeats. Stop being a keeper of hurts and wrongs.There is beautiful consolation in knowing He loves us and is unwilling to let us stagnate in the muck of the past. God longs to make life a glorious adventure for us, if only we would “stop clinging to old ways.”

I am terribly guilty of hanging on to all kinds of junk. So believe me, I know how hard it is to let go. Nevertheless, with each peek into God’s word, I pray to get a little better at releasing all to the Father, so He may clean the dirtiest closet in my heart and unclutter the attic of my mind.

What a promise of sweet comfort it is to know the Holy Spirit is a fabulous collector and housekeeper. It amazes me how God takes all our brokenness – all our junk- and makes our testimony a treasure, if only we would let it go.


5 responses to “Let it Go”

  1. Amanda k.Fisher Avatar
    Amanda k.Fisher

    I will give you my email address below,

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  2. Beverly A Brader Avatar
    Beverly A Brader

    Amen!!! So true! Perfectly said!

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    1. It is hard to “let go and let God,” but oh what peace there is when we do. Thanks for your encouragement!! ❤


    2. Sanders Barnes Avatar
      Sanders Barnes

      This brings to Light the simplicity of “casting our cares over onto Him”, especially those “cares” that seem so deeply embedded in our Soul. But God…..


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