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It Is Written

It was a summer day, 4 years ago this past June, when the Lord gently reminded me His Word is always enough. My mind had been racing around the track of “what if.” With every turn, I felt the enemy trying to bump me into a head-on collision with despair. Nevertheless, I said to myself, “what time I am afraid, I will trust in You Lord.” I did what I could, I slowed down and asked my Father to take control.

I am thankful He is a divinely articulate conversationalist, because often I don’t know what to say.

His voice was gentle as He began to speak. Matthew 4 held sweet power and consolation for me that June morning – still does today. As I envisioned Christ being led up of the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil, I couldn’t help but feel an odd sense of relief. Friends, the Son of God understands what it is like to have the enemy racing beside you. He knows how it is when the onslaught of attacks are relentless. On this lone wilderness trail, Satan attempted to cause Christ to abandon the will of God – three different times. Yet, “It is written,” preceded each thing Christ had to say. By temptation number three, Jesus was over it! He claimed all authority saying, “Get thee hence satan, it is written, “You shall worship the Lord your God, and Him only you shall serve,” and just like that, the enemy abandoned his lane of offense, and the angels came to minister to Jesus.

The beautiful truth is there is great power in the Voice of God. Anything the devil can throw our way is always subject to the authority of God.

Years ago when the Lord bled His resurrection power into my heart, I began to recall portions of His truth. Today, I recount them again.

I know that all things will work together for my good because I love Him, and I am called according to His purpose. (Rom. 8:28)
I know that He is faithful to establish me and will guard me from the enemy of my soul. (2 Thes.3:3)
I know that there is no place I can go that He will not be there. (Ps.139)
I know that when I lean unto Him, acknowledging Him in all my ways, He will direct my paths. (Ps. 3:5-6)
I know He will keep my foot from slipping; He never sleeps on the job. (Ps. 121:3)
I know my name is written in the palms of His nail-scarred hands. (Is. 49:16)
I know that the trying of my faith is a good thing – it molds within me perseverance and hope, and His hope is all I need. (James 1:3)
I know that I am to behave justly, love mercy and walk humbly before Him – this is what is required of me. (Micah 6:8)

I know how precious His thoughts are, they are so vast, we could never count them. And even when I come to the end, I will still be with Him. (Ps. 139)

This morning, as I fix my eyes on His Word, I can taste the powerful promises of God on my lips. I pick up my sword and exclaim, “Go away Satan, it is written – we will finish the race, and fight the good fight, for He who has begun a good work is faithful and just to complete it.” And, just like that, the presence of God ministers peace to my heart once again.


2 responses to “It Is Written”

  1. michalskisgreatadventure Avatar

    Lovely! In God’s word, we find all our protection against the enemy – and grow our faith and relationship with the Lord our God! He is so generous to give us this beautiful gift, His written word and in-dwelling Holy Spirit, where we may begin to dwelling His presence here in this life, looking forward to the day when we will dwell with Him entirely! I found your blog through Instagram (I’m @throughhiseyesdevotional) – I hope you might also enjoy following our family’s blog at MichalskisGreatAdventure, and my devotional blog at MichalskisInTheWord! God bless you in sharing your faith and testimony, as we are called to! Sydney

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    1. I will make sure to follow!!! Thanks so much for reaching out and sharing!!! What an encouragement!!! Blessings !!!

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