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By Faith

By faith – two simple yet powerful words.

By faith the walls of Jericho fell.

By faith a harlot found redeeming life.

By faith Abel offered a more excellent sacrifice.

By faith Enoch found divine favor.

By faith Noah built an Ark of salvation.

By faith Abraham obeyed.

By faith Sarah conceived promise in her barren womb.

By faith Isaac and Jacob blessed nations.

By faith Joseph remembered.

By faith Jochebed hid Moses as a baby.

By faith Moses led His people.

By faith Abigail prepared.

By faith Esther found boldness.

By faith Joseph raised a son not his own.

By faith Gideon conquered an army.

By faith David slew a giant.

By faith John preached in the wilderness.

By faith the disciples followed Jesus.

By faith Paul proclaimed the gospel in the midst of persecution.

By faith the church was formed.

By faith kingdoms are subdued, promises are obtained, works of righteousness are accomplished, violence is quenched, ways of escape are made, weakness become strength, battles end in victory, resurrection of life happens.

Faith is not logical when approached with anything outside of a biblical worldview. It is the substance (hypostasis, substructure; foundation, assurance) of things hoped for and the evidence (elanchos, conviction; proof) of things not yet seen.

By faith we can be certain God’s word alone spoke the world into being, and He still molds clay into redemption.

When looking through the eyes of faith, struggles and trials hold as much joy as blessings do. Dreams find hope. Suffering finds meaning. Joy finds grateful hearts. Relationships find contentment. Faith births champions of grace. Faith is a producer of overcomers.

By faith – two simple yet powerful words, indeed.


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    Beverly A Brader

    Awesome writing!!!

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