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Opposites Work

A friend reminded me recently God uses opposites. He often works in the contrasts. Marriage is hard that way sometimes, isn’t it? God working in our lives, bringing us into a covenant relationship with a different personality, can often be an irritation more than we view it as a blessing. 🤔 We are human, two sinners who said, “I do” with so much anticipation and excitement that we felt we might burst from being in love.

Then life happens.
Midnight strikes.
Cinderella gets real.

Life is full of obstacles, and marriage is full of struggles. And yes, sometimes we simply don’t like each other – in the moment. But, marriage is also full of laughter and friendship.

And, the amazing thing is when I am willing to see the real moments from an eternal perspective, I see just how good my God is for bringing me to my opposite. This man might not love in the same language as his bride, but he speaks his so well I can’t help but feel it – the glass slipper glides on my foot and I know – he loves me.


5 responses to “Opposites Work”

  1. AMEN! You hit the nail on the head with this!!

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  2. This really speaks to me today! ❤️ Thank you!!!!

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    1. I’m so glad it blessed your heart!!


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