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Where Growth and Grace Meet

When the Lord God said, “It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper fit for him,” certainly He knew the helper He was to create would be vastly different than her husband. I mean, at least that is the thought which occurred to me today as I surveyed the life of my marriage. The above photo beautifully pictures the variances between my sweetheart and I! My dear husband is the most organized man I believe I have had the honor of meeting. Everything has a place and everything is in its place – and this is a wonderful thing – unless you happen to be the one on the side of the couch that has piles of books and blankets not tucked away. Eeek – that would be yours truly!

Over the past few years, it amazes me how we both have learned to bend here and there. And, no matter the ways in which we differ, there remains this truth – we were meant to be together!

Comparison of our relationship with others is defeating. Listening to the thief of joy is exausting. Those whispers will always tear down the most obvious of blessings – our differences are what make us work so well!

And better yet, when we choose to learn from one another, we are triumphant in ways we never dreamed we could be.

We may not see eye-to-eye on many things throughout our lives, but the one thing my soul knows is he is the man I am called to love. I am glad my sister-in-Christ reminded me of that simple truth several years ago. I have clung to it on those tough days and it has brought me such comfort.  I see the evidence of this truth as each year of weathering the struggles and joys of life arm-in-arm passes. Honestly, when the tough days happen, and our “fearfully and wonderfully created” uniqueness gets on each other’s nerves, I am thankful I know I have been knitted together with a sweet soul like my husband. He is loyal, hardworking, faithful, compassionate and kind. I know he would protect me, and even die for me if necessary.

I am glad God’s love and creativity is displayed in His design for our lives. Leaning into that loving power will bring us strength and the ability to brave the unknowns of marriage and life.

I find His grace is enough to cover all of our life, not just pieces.

So, on days when marriage seems hard – lean into your Creator – . He made us and knows all about us. Giving Him room to move and mend and care for our hearts is where growth and grace meet, and where love becomes action.


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